Get Involved

If you or your group are interested in volunteering at The Servant Center, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 336-275-8585 x315 or email to arrange for attending the next volunteer orientation. Additionally, you can schedule a volunteer orientation with our volunteer coordinator at the following link:


Our volunteer needs change on a daily basis, but recently volunteers have helped The Servant Center by:

  • Serving food to our residents in the kitchen
  • Planting vegetables in our plots of the community garden
  • Scanning and filing disability paperwork
  • Loading and unloading shipments to our pantry
  • Painting our facilities


We encourage everyone who volunteers at The Servant Center to take ownership of their experience here and find ways to apply your own unique skill set to our needs. Whether it's a new irrigation technique for the garden or a class you can teach our residents, we're always interested in new ways we can be enriched by the members of our community.


Begin Your Service!

To being your service with The Servant Center please fill out the application below! After you finish the application feel free to schedule an appointment with the volunteer coordinator at the following link: