The Servant House

The Servant House is a community in which a small group of men live together in community of trust and caring for one another. Residents are allowed to stay for up to two years. The program is designed to promote the resident’s dignity and empower them to successfully live independently. The program offers a holistic and comprehensive care for the resident that engages the mind, body and soul.

For more information about The Servant House and eligibility, click here: Servant House Transitional Housing Program




Disability Assistance Program

The Disability Assistance Program provides assistance with the application process for entitlements through the Social Security Administration.

The Disability Assistance Program provides assistance with the application process for entitlements through the Social Security Administration. Referrals must meet the 50% Adjusted Median Income maximum limit as established by HUD for the program year.

For more information and Disability Intake Referral, click here: Disability Intake Referral.pdf

# of Persons  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 Annual Income       $19300            $22050            $24800            $27550            $29800            $32000            $34200            $36400      

Glenwood/Haworth Housing

Nestled in a quiet community with access to transportation and many other features Greensboro has to offer, this program assists individuals to remain in permanent housing. The program also empowers the low-income and disabled to live independently but offers needed extra support. This support and accountability comes in the form of case management.

Haworth House was named in honor of retired executive director and The Servant Center founder, Gail Haworth.

To be eligible for this housing one must meet the low-income criteria, be disabled and require supportive services in order to remain successfully housed.

For information on availability please contact Paula Rachal, 336-275-8585 x305. Additional information can be seen through our listing on the Social Serve website



Triad Stand Down

Volunteers in the Triad for one special weekend pull together to help Homeless Veterans at the Triad Veterans Stand-Down. This is not just a special day for homeless veterans it is a special day for the veterans and patriots who volunteer to give back to those who serve this great Nation, in this case, those who have encountered hardships in their life or during their service. Why are they special? They served in the armed forces of the United States of America and for their commitment to protect us we have a duty to respect them in their time of need. Look at it as simply returning a favor.

More information regarding Stand Down 2016 coming soon...

Triad stand down serves well over 100 homeless veterans every year, providing services ranging from job training and IRS tax preparation to haircuts and dental care.

Services provided last year included:
Substance Abuse Services – screening, intervention and linkage Senior/Aging Services – Alzheimer’s information, SHIIP, resources for seniors, Medicare
Diabetes Services – information, counseling and screening.
Toiletry Kits
Snack Bags
VA Benefits Assistance
Deaf and Hard of Hearing – information about available services
Dental Services
Housing Services – information on vouchers, VASH, how to find housing, fair housing, healthy homes, mortgage assistance, ability to apply for admission to GPD programs, SSVF, rapid rehousing information
Mental Health Services – screening, counseling, information
Child Support Information
Health Services including Flu Shots
Assistance w/Social Services – food stamps, Medicaid, financial assistance
Legal Information and Advocacy including expungement assistance
Horsepower Therapeutic Program
Hair Cuts
Tax Assistance
Vision Services
Employment Services – referrals, information, assistance with job search, information on local job readiness/training program, temp agency
Chaplain Services
Women’s Services